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Booze walks - Part of the Bristol Walking Festival

Booze walks – Part of the Bristol Walking Festival

April 8th, 2014

Booze walks This year, and for a limited time only, I'll be running two exclusive Booze walks. They are 2 hour long strolls, around the stunning backdrop of Brunel's masterpiece suspension bridge and through the worlds first heritage site Avon Gorge. Within this majesty we'll be sipping on something alcoholic, sharing stories of all things boozey, meeting new friends and you'll get to hear me waffle on about plants and booze. Due to my schedule I will[Read More]

Growing your own hops part one

Growing your own hops part one

April 5th, 2014

Growing your own hops a extract from Brewing Britain - part one Planting and training Commercial hops are grown up poles, but you can grow them up the side of your house. Hops like sunlight and will require around 8 hours of it every day, so a south-facing garden that gets plenty of light is ideal. They can also grow up to 7 metres/23 feet, or about the size of a typical two-storey Victorian house.[Read More]

Bristol Beer Festival 2014 a few favourite beers

Bristol Beer Festival 2014  a few favourite beers

March 14th, 2014

I had no idea I was going to the Bristol Beer Festival at the Brunel's old station (next to Temple Meads Station), until midday last night. Myself, Mr Vincent Crocker from Ashley Down Brewery and Micheal Wiper Esq of Wiper and True are joining forces on a project soon (more on that at a later date), and so we needed to meet up. Vincent suggested that we meet up at the festival and, "make wild[Read More]

Venison in London Porter, Elderberry and Juniper Sauce

Venison in London Porter, Elderberry and Juniper Sauce

February 21st, 2014

Venison Steak in a London Porter, Elderberry and Juniper sauce You could say that me and Juniper berries have previous. That is to say, when I collaborated on a Scottish Ale with Shane from Beerd (Bath Ales craft arm), we used smoked juniper malt and juniper berries in the whirlpool which helped to balance the sweet, dark fruits of the malt; (our efforts won us 1st at the Watford beer festival). I'd also paired juniper with[Read More]

A-Z of beer part one A to F

A-Z of beer part one A to F

January 27th, 2014

A-Z of Beer and Brewing in Britain Having now published Brewing Britain- The Quest for the Perfect Pint I seem to have a load of words left over, therefore I thought I'd blog them as this A-Z of beer. So far I've put together A to F and I'll add to it sporadically as I get time. Which in actuality could mean that if you check back in 2018 you still may only find A to[Read More]

How to write a letter and other downtime videos

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January 23rd, 2014

The art of letter writing is not dead as American writer Sam Swa(m)pwater will demonstrate in a place that looks remarkably like my kitchen. Keep watching for a nugget of information right till the end. This site seems to already be filtered by many adult filters due to its 60% alcohol content, but please note that the below clip contains partial nudity and some naughty words. How to write a letter How (not) to Survive bird flu Having written[Read More]

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