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How to brew by Booze for Free’s Andy Hamilton

I’m convinced that human civilisation was founded on beer and started when we first learned how to brew a beer. A far-fetched claim, perhaps, but there’s evidence to back it up. Around 16,000 years ago, our ancestors first started to … Continue reading

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The Urban forager by Andy Hamilton

It often surprises people when they realise that urban environments can supply a more diverse range of foods than rural areas can. This mass delusion of the bio diverse countryside manifests itself when you see hoards of people flocking to … Continue reading

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Andy Hamilton’s delicous knotweed vodka

At this time of year Japanese knotweed Fallopia japonica is growing very quickly – 20cm a day. The top 20cm is the most tender and flavoursome so it’s best to catch it early, before it gets woody. It can still … Continue reading

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Living with less a course by Andy Hamilton

Living with less Rampant consumerism has been targeted as one of the reasons for last year’s riots, we are being sold more and more stuff we don’t need, whilst our abilities to earn money are being taken away and the … Continue reading

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