Beer review of Williams Bros. ‘Caesar Augustus’ Lager/IPA Hybrid 4.1%

Having had a fair amount of success with Booze for FreeI decided my next book should

Andy Hamilton holding a beer
Andy Hamilton beer tasting

be all about my biggest booze love and indeed my first true love, beer. Exactly what it will contain is still undecided as I’m still at the research stage at present. I sat last night in front of the telly and continued with this arduous task of researching a beer book and opened a bottle of Williams Bros. ‘Caesar Augustus’ Lager/IPA Hybrid.

The first thing that hit me with this beer was the lager yeast smell, not unlike a German Kolsch this but it soon dissipated to be overtaken by the typical zesty hoppy smell that is more reminiscent of a classic British IPA. I differentiate here as it certainly didn’t have that huge eyewatering smack of hops that some American IPA’s can have.

Colour –  Not the palest amber as you might expect but certainly a paler ale colour. Emma glanced over on the sofa and suggested that it looked like the colour of the first piss of the morning, then corrected to say, “Your first piss of the morning”.

Mouthfeel – Like a good IPA it filled the mouth with a rich gassy creaminess.

Flavour – As with the smell at first I got much more of a lager than an IPA as this went down. Well I say at first, the mouth feel I got IPA then as I gulped it down it transformed into a lager. But the flavour grows as you drink, a very complex pint indeed. I got biscuit flavours from it and the hops gave me the typical citrus, zesty flavour a good hop but this slowly directed my mouth to a lemon acid drop flavour. I feel even with this description I haven’t done this pint justice, I think it deserves another and another and… to get the full effect of the subtle yet complexity of this truly wonderful beer.

Finish – A nice dry finish. The acid lemon flavours sat in the mouth for a while longer. It didn’t linger for too long, just right.

Food Pairing – Tough one as you wouldn’t want to take away from the complexities of this drink, the obvious choice would be a curry but obviously this is going to mute the flavours of the beer. White fish might be a better choice.

Conclusions – Despite my initial scepticism I can really see this sort of beer taking off. Lager drinkers beware you may be forced to the Land of Ale with drinks like this around. I suspect there will be a glut of copycat ales coming to a pub near you soon. Hats off to Scotland for being one of the first! A fantastic beer.

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