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Blackberries – The Lunchbreak forager

Blackberries aka Brambles Blackberries (or brambles) can be found throughout the Northern hemisphere and in South America, although they will struggle in the far North but with climate change we may see a movement north. Indeed, last year I found … Continue reading

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Booze for Free PDF

Booze for free PDF – Should everything be free? Everything should be free is an argument that the internet has most certainly perpetuated. Authors Neil Gaiman and Paulo Coelho both agree to a certain extent, but does that mean its … Continue reading

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Dock – The Lunchbreak forager

Docks are in the same family as buckwheat and sorrel. Docks are most famed for their use in folk medicine to help when stung by nettle. Personally I find that a plantain (plantago) leaf is far more beneficial than a … Continue reading

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The Lunchbreak forager – Hawthorn

Hawthorn – Crataegus – What is Hawthorn? Hawthorn is planted as hedging and therefore can be found on the edge of car parks, in public parks and, for those in the countryside, it can also be found on the edges … Continue reading

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Five Plum Wine recipe

Five Plum Wine This is an extract from my bestselling home brew book Booze for Free published by Eden Project Books, RRP £9.99 for hardback (but you can often get it much cheaper online). Over the year different plums will … Continue reading

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The Great British Beer Festival – GBBF – Is it the best festival beer model?

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to be invited to the trade session at the GBBF. The movers and shakers of the beer world were there from beer Bloggers like Rob from Hopzine, professional beer authors such as bestselling Pete … Continue reading

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Autumn Flower Champagne and Alan Titchmarsh

I approached this recipe for Booze for Free in the same way that I’d approach making a curry. With a curry you know the basis and so can experiment with other ingredients without really worrying that what you get will … Continue reading

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