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Vino Hedgio – Foraged Wine

I’ve had a few email’s about my appearance on The Alan Titchmarsh show on 28th September. They all ask for the Vino Hedgio recipe and as I like to please, here it is. It was the one that Jilly Goolden … Continue reading

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What to do with the left over sloes from sloe gin

What to do with left over sloes from Sloe Gin I once had a demijohn full of sloes just sitting up on a shelf, I forgot about it for months or perhaps even (2) years. The sloes were perfectly preserved … Continue reading

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Two Sloe Recipes that don’t involve Gin!

Sloe Recipes There is more to sloes than sloe gin as sloe wine is always worth a go (Booze for Free p275)! But the ancestors to our native plum must have been a source of food for the ancestors of … Continue reading

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Sloe Gin and the Shameful history of Britain

Imagine the first ever sloe gin ever made and you might picture a chocolate box Tudor Britain. Perhaps a pastoral scene an adorable old lady returning home with a wicker shopping basket full to bursting of sloes, carving off a … Continue reading

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Sloe Gin Recipe

Sloes grow on the blackthorn bush (Prunus spinosa)which are not only very common throughout Europe but can be found on all of the non-frozen continents of the Earth. I have heard it suggested that you should beat the blackthorn to … Continue reading

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Himalayan Balsam, eating invasive plants -The Lunchbreak forager

If I was to mention Policeman’s helmet,  Bobby Tops, Copper Tops,  Gnome’s Hatstand, Kiss me on the mountain and Impatiens glandulifera or Himalayan Balsam I’d be talking about the same plant. For a plant that only reached the UK in … Continue reading

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Lunchbreak forager – Plums and some quick and easy plum recipes

Lunchbreak forager– Plums Juicy Victoria plums, or wild sweet purple damsons and greengages; plums have to be up there as one the greatest foraged foods (and plum wine is a great wine too). A heavy branch of damson hangs over … Continue reading

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Straight Glasses help curb binge drinking, apparently

Dr Angela Atwood et al* recently published a paper that suggests binge drinking can be influenced by drinking from long straight glasses rather than round glasses. In the study participants were given a glass of lager either in a half … Continue reading

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