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What to do with the left over sloes from sloe gin

What to do with left over sloes from Sloe Gin

I once had a demijohn full of sloes just sitting up on a shelf, I forgot about it for months or perhaps even (2) years. The sloes were perfectly preserved in the gin. They didn’t even attract any files even during some of the hottest months of the Summer. But the sloe’s days were numbered as when I was moving house and in all the kerfuffle I found it easier to compost them. I now wonder if whoever inherited my compost heap might still have them (not that I want them back).

sloe gin
left over sloes and some sloe gin

It’s always a pain whenever you make booze to know what to do with the leftovers. One of the best things to do is make more booze. I’ve managed to make two lots of sloe gin from the same sloes, I just left them for a couple of months longer. I have heard it suggst that sloe whiskey is much better if using the second flush.

But then what, what can you do with left over sloes from sloe gin? If only I’d come across people like John Lewis-Stempel Author of Foraging back then who has suggested this sloe chocolate delight.

Sloe Chocolates

This might be fiddly but boozy chocolate is always worth the faff.


Leftover sloes from sloe gin
A big bar or two of dark chocolate


Cut out the stones from the sloes and melt the chocolate. Stir in the bits of sloe flesh and mix thoroughly. Pour onto a greaseproof paper lined baking tray, the mixture should be about 2cm thick.

Chill. Then cut into squares and serve with a smug grin (optional).

Slider (sloe cider)

For this you need real cider not the stuff that is drunk in the mornings in local parks across the country by men with red faces. And a note to you Americans I mean hard cider, the alcoholic stuff and not apple juice.


500ml/1 pint Used sloes
2 litres/4 pints/2 quarts Cider


Put the sloes in a demijohn top up with cider. Add the airlock and bung and leave for a couple of months before straining into bottles.

Rumour has it you can also do the same with sherry or port!

Left overs Sloes from Rapidly infused sloe Gin

I’ve recently been experimenting with an N02 infusor and have found it makes excellent sloe gin. One of the real big plus points too is that it infuses the sloes themselves with gin and sugar. The tart flavour dissapears totally and they taste all ginny and delicous, served with a dollop of ice cream they make an excellent afters.

17 thoughts on “What to do with the left over sloes from sloe gin

  1. there is an even easier way of doing this! Just lay a large bar of dark chocolate on some greaseproof paper. Place in the microwave for about 10 seconds (may have to adjust time), needs to be just soft enough to push pitted sloes into. Chill then wrap, makes ideal Christmas presents

  2. Don’t know if I’ve sent you this reply before, but I sometimes use them to make sloe gin jam (well jelly, because I can’t be bothered to stone the lot of them so they get cooked up and strained, then the requisite amount of sugar to juice gets added to boil up to setting point. Sloes have enough pectin to get a good set. And when I make hedgerow jelly (up to about 7 hedgerow fruits go into that depending what comes into/remains in season to get a good selection in it) I sometimes use them up in that too. Then the cooked up and strained fruits (discarded before the sugar is added) go on the compost heap to eventually feed my garden.

  3. Sloe Gin Flapjack is a favourite in our house. Simply get your preferred flapjack recipe and add the gin infused sloes. Funnily enough they are a great with a nice chilled glass of sloe gin!

  4. Hello, I made sloe gin on the 31st October and only just strained it today (the 30th April). The thing is the sloes I used were really dried up, they had a sort of grainy texture to them. We live in France and I think they’d been pretty much baked by the sun for months on end. This is the first time I’ve ever made sloe gin and I’ve never actually tasted any before either so I don’t really know what to expect .It looks like it should. Have you ever used really dry looking sloes?

  5. Andy Good Morning.

    Looking forward to making this nexr month when my sloes have been steeping for 12 months. I take it i need to use ‘FLAT’ cider whilst making Slider? And how long will it keep once bottled ? Many Thanks John

  6. Andy,
    Cant wait to try this once my sloes are ready, i need to use ‘flat’ cider dont i and not the fizzy stuff?

    How long will it last once bottled?

    Thank john

    1. Yeah, don’t use strongbow or anything like that!

      How long will it last… hmm, depends on a few things like how much oxgyen gets in, strength of the cider etc. Perhaps drink it within a month.

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