There is more to life than sloe gin – How to make herbal and fruit alcohol infusions out of almost anything

Andy Hamilton

Brewer, forager, broadcaster, spaceman occasional liar

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  1. Hetty metcalfe says:

    I am a bristol film maker…please could you help me find some fly agaric in next few weeks…possibly Ashton court.

  2. Alex Kelly says:

    Just made some ginger rum and looking forward to sampling it. Thank you for all the tips, especially about the sugar, the ratios really help.

  3. Graeme Smith says:

    After a successful first attempt at making sloe gin a few years back for Christmas gifts we decided to do the same for last year. Due to the lack of sloes we had to think what else to infuse. As an experiment we tried making Plumb and Raspberry Brandy, with 5 bottles of brandy, 1kg of sugar and 1kg of fruit. Placed in a demi-john at the start of November, bottled in April. What a taste very smooth, surprisingly took a dark ruby colour too.
    Even better was when we discovered a 3 year old bottle of our original sloe gin, which had lost a bit of its colour but time had refined the taste. ( very hard to leave for 3 years )
    I now have 6 demi-johns on the go Lemon and Lime, Cranberry, Cherry and Rhubarb Gin in 4, a Raspberry Brandy in another and a Honey and Ginger Whiskey the 6th. Full report to follow as they get tasted.

    • Sounds like I need to get on your Christmas list! Looking forward to the full report, I had a similar experince with some damson gin I had squirreled away, amazing what a difference time makes to booze!

  4. Damian anthony says:

    Decided to try a peach and raspberry gin, recipe here:
    Worked best to remove all fruit after 4 1/2 months

  5. Damian Anthony says:

    It does taste good, now time to experiment! Will have to try your recommendation of blueberries.
    In your opinion would a mix of ingredients for example cucumber and mint work in gin?

    • Yes to cucumber and mint. Both you find in cocktails and indeed sometimes cucumber can be used as one of the gin botanicals. I’ve made a cucumber vodka before that works well. Also, I’ve started to experiment with the small 100ml kilner jars. These are great if you are not sure how something might turn out.

  1. October 11, 2012

    RT @AndyRHamilton: Can your really turn anything into a drink?

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