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Cooking with Japanese Knotweed 12

Cooking with Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed Fallopia japonica is a plant that can divide forages from everyone else. Many foragers and love the stuff whilst everyone else dread seeing it and especially on their land. Why, you may well ask....

Made with British Hops Logo 0

Made with British Hops

UK Hops The buzz in the brewing world at the moment is about New World hops, drinkers and therefore brewers are demanding more and more exotic flavour in their beers. The British hop once...

Miracle hangover cures – A bitter pill to swallow 0

Miracle hangover cures – A bitter pill to swallow

Along with finding a cure for the common cold the rush to find a cure for hangovers has been a time honoured battle. The Ancient Greeks wolfed down fried sheep’s lungs, the Romans with...