How to write a letter and other downtime videos

The art of letter writing is not dead as American writer Sam Swa(m)pwater will demonstrate in a place that looks remarkably like my kitchen. Keep watching for a nugget of information right till the end.

This site seems to already be filtered by many adult filters due to its 60% alcohol content, but please note that the below clip contains partial nudity and some naughty words.

How to write a letter

How (not) to Survive bird flu

Having written a survivalist column for Wired, advised for some TV show and lived off wild food I decided to make a survival video in case bird flu hits.

A day in the life

This last video is only for those with staying power. For clarity too I have to point out that when I made it I wasn’t a best-selling author, although I do have to say that not much has changed since and this is still a pretty accurate depiction of my daily life.


2 thoughts on “How to write a letter and other downtime videos

  1. Hilarious! Pity you spelt ‘Swampwater’ as ‘Swapwater’ in the post and left the ‘s’ off the end of ‘looks’! For shame, Andy! 😉

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