Turin Day three

One Andy Hamilton, one cup

One Andy Hamilton, one cup

Turin Day three

We two are now three and we have so far managed to just about re-film what we have shot yesterday in the rain, meaning that much of yesterday was a write off. Such is the nature of this stuff.

What has changed is the feel of the city, the grey bleak curtain of weather that cloaked the city in its misery has lifted to reveal the old men that are the Alps. They rise above any man made structure, rubbing out time and structure in their wake. The wall that was our spirits captor yesterday has now become a small ribbon placed at the base of natures majesty. Indeed, it is perhaps even more than that the wall has become our navigation marker on the walk back to our apartment, we perhaps even welcome it.

Good to see an old friend, but this is always the case. I’d like to be philosophical about it and say that as I grow older I appreciate friends more. But I believe I always have, there is something to be said about how the as you reach the third and then fourth decade in this existence that you appreciate just hanging out. In normal life, especially if you don’t really have any work colleges, when do you actually just hang out. Speaking shit and just really doing nothing. Everything becomes pre-arranged, diarised becomes a word that you use. So, it’s good to just hang out.

It’s nearly 10pm and the day’s work is not over yet, we are off out with Owen to drink and to film it. Now, is this what I want to do for a living, drinking with mates. I guess it beats working….

A little taster of the Turin/vermouth doucumentary

Ok, its really early days and not everything has been filmed that we need, but here is a tiny 10 second outake of the documentary. The person on the left is Owen.

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