The other Andy Hamilton Podcast episode one – Terrible Bosses

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Welcome to Other Andy Hamilton Podcast.  This will be a periodic look at whatever takes my fancy and, over time, it might take some form but for now its one subject one podcast, periodically published. It may or may not have anything to do with foraging, brewing or self sufficiency.

If you like what you hear, or even if you don’t, then please comment something below. Same if you have any suggestions for future shows. I have to warn those who are easily offended that there is a bit of swearing, not much, but enough to offend those who get a bee in their bonnet about everyday things they have no control over.

The Other Andy Hamilton Podcast episode one – My Terrible Bosses


The first Other Andy Hamilton podcast is just me on my own talking about some of the atrocious bosses I have encountered in my past. It also highlights some of the god awful jobs I’ve had over the years. Leaving school with no real qualifications in the middle of a recession is not the fast route into great employment as you will hear!

If you enjoy the podcast and have anything to add please comment below. It will be good to hear about your terrible bosses.

The Idea behind The other Andy Hamilton podcasts

There is no real idea behind this or any future podcast . Other than some experimentation with a different medium. In other words, I’m just trying something a little different that I usually do.

Having listened to many podcasts over the years I’ve noticed they take some time to find their way. So bear with me on this one, I know this is crude, short and perhaps a little self-indulgent but every journey starts with a few short steps. In time it will find a form, perhaps I’ll even start interviewing guests or have a guest presenter. Perhaps it will gear towards wild food and drink, who knows. But for now sit back and let me bend your ear for 10 minutes or so.

Andy Hamilton

Brewer, forager, broadcaster, spaceman occasional liar

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6 Responses

  1. Paul Lonsdale says:

    Tried your lemon/lime cordial last week. Great results. Lovely fresh flavour. The method inspired me to make some ginger beer by blitzing root ginger and lemons and fermenting on the pulp. Has been bubbling away in the bucket for a day now. I may ferment out to 4%, prime then bottle, or could bottle tomorrow at 1020. I’m using recycled plastic pop bottles 7 litres.

    • Andy Hamilton says:

      Interesting… Nothing to do with the podcast… but none the less. It is a good recipe that one innit, I was happy with the results. Be interesting to hear how your ginger and lemon beer turns out.

  2. steve says:

    Great start, it will take time but I’m sure it will develop into something unique.. Look forward to the next !

    See you in October for a brew 😉

  3. Sally gross says:

    Can anyone butt in here? I just made the ginger beer recipe and it is easy and LUSH! Made double quantity luckily as it seems to be going down v quickly

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