The Booze Academy

Andy Hamilton entry level brewing
Andy Hamilton with a porter beer

The Booze Academy is a new brewing and fermentation school that will launch in 2015.

The First Booze Academy Course is entry level brewing – Kits!

The Booze Academy brings together all of the knowledge that I have gleaned whilst brewing and foraging for the last 20 years. I’ve also recruited some other experts in the field of brewing to run some of the Booze Academy classes and so we hope to give you over 100 years of experience between us.

There will be cider making classes to be run by two experts of cider (the two thirsty gardeners), an array of beer brewing classes from kit brewing  for the novice to expert brewing for those who have a better grasp. For the expert brewing we will be spending the day in a brewery and be joined by a Bristol brewer who has come up through the home brewing ranks and now runs his own brewery. This will give the unique experience of being able to ask questions about the commerce of brewing too.

The First Booze Academy Course is entry level brewing – Kits!

Elderflower champagne in a glass
Elderflower champagne in a glass

I’ll of course be running classes that will not just show you how to make country wines, infusions and herbal teas/beers. But uniquely, I’ll also be taking you out to show you what you can forage. So, if you are not totally sure if you are picking sloes or ivy berries or if you are and just want to know your mugwort from your wormwood then these courses are for you.

The events will be light-hearted and relaxed but, that is not to say you won’t leave without real knowledge. Everyone teaching are real experts and so we’ll be on hand to answer your questions. It will even be possible to take a collection of the classes and so you’ll become an expert yourself by the time we are done with you.

I’ll be announcing the courses over the next month or two and none will run until 2015. I do already have my very popular wild booze walks advertised and the first two basic brewing classes.

Some of the home brewing courses will come with a free copy of either Booze for Free or Brewing Britain and therefore they will make great and alternative presents for your loved ones.  As one happy customer has already said, “much better than giving socks every year”.

The First Booze Academy Course is entry level brewing – Kits!


4 thoughts on “The Booze Academy

  1. This looks amazing Andy. Your book was what started me on the path of a home brewer. I haven’t looked back since. I only wish I lived closer to Bristol. I would be the first to sign up for this.

    All the very Best.


    1. Thanks very much Brendan. It’s good to know I’ve been an inspiration! Keep an eye on this site as you never know Booze academy could expand!

  2. I am very interested in a course for where to go after Kits.

    My husband has been making beer from Kits after I got him a home brew hamper for xmas a few years back and he is keen to start being more independent. Do you have any suggestions of where to go to such a course, or do you plan on introducing one in the South West any time soon?

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