Common Homebrew mistakes and how to rectify them

Andy Hamilton

Brewer, forager, broadcaster, spaceman occasional liar

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  1. Ken says:

    1) Running the wort off into a 5 gallon bucket fitted with a tap, left the tap open from the previous usage, and walked away. Came back 10 mins later to find I’d only got about 5 litres of wort in the bucket and 10 litres all over the floor. Wooden floors, I didn’t stand a chance, it went through all the gaps 🙁

    2) My boiler has a tight fitting lid, useful for moving it when its full. Not so useful when you want to boil as it turns it into a bomb! Boom (*) the inside of my shed was covered with hot sweet sticky wort. Which turned mouldy 🙁

    (*) another correct usage!

    • Andy Hamilton says:

      1 is Easily done! I’ve never lost quite that amount though. I’m gutted for you.

      Thanks for posting and offering another correct useage of the word “Boom” too.

  2. Not just the wrong type of yeast (do people *really* still try brewing with bread or wine yeast??) but insufficient amounts, yeast of poor health and then using it at the wrong temperatures.

    Kits used to often be guilty in supplying woefully undersized sachets – and even then, just sprinkling onto the wort loses lots of viability in comparison to a properly rehydrated dry yeast.

    The same may be true for the White Labs / Wyeast packs – when fresh they can be direct pitched, but when they aren’t particularly fresh, a starter should be made to grow up the right number of cells. Lagers should always use starters as cold pitching doubles the pitching rates needed.

    • Andy Hamilton says:

      They do indeed Graeme, if you look at many of the older recipes they just state, “yeast”. At talks I often get people asking me about why there booze hasn’t brewed properly and often they have used bread yeast. But actually, I’ve brewed beer with champagne yeast and it works pretty well…

      Yeast starter are the way forward… but too, pitching at the right temperature.

      Anyway, some good points there mate thanks for your comment.

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