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It’s that time of year again, shopkeepers are bracing themselves for a buying frenzy, Amazon have upped their bandwidth, authors are writing top 10 blogs and the North Pole is buzzing as the elves wrap up a colossal amount of presents. But what do you get the lush in the family? The person who is only happy when your gift is at least 40% ABV.

Here are a few of my ideas to help you get the right boozy gifts this Christmas. If I get a chance I’ll do more of a brewer’s gift ideas soon too.

Boozy Christmas present ideas – THE LIST for 2014

1. One of my wild Booze walks – Yes of course I’m going to mention my own walks. But right now and up until 20th December 2014, I’m offering Wild Booze walks and a signed copy of either Brewing Britain or Booze for Free delivered to your door* for just £24. (fill the form below to order). Of course if you have my books already you can still book on for just £15. Gift Vouchers are available.

*uk Only. I can post further afield but just let me know.

2. A crate of Christmas Beer –  Beer ritz (in Leeds) is my go to place whenever I buy beer online. The selection is always top notch. There are some champion breweries in this batch of 12 Christmas beers and who could resist an 11.2% beer called insanely Bad elf! Now that in itself is a great Boozy Christmas present idea!

3. Boozy Books – Plenty to choose from here. The highlights I’ve read this year include,

the wet and the dry

A cracking read

American Sour Beers, Michael Tonsmeire – A book for the ultra-geek brewer who’s read everything else. meticulously written and well researched.
The Wet and the Dry – A drinkers Journey. Lawrence Osborne. An entertaining and ridiculously well written boozy travelogue
Craft Cocktails at Home – Kevin Liu – A great book that will keep the experimental cocktail maker busy all year
Brewing Britain and Booze for Free – Andy Hamilton – Simply two of the best books ever written. personally dedicated/Signed copies available, £10 each + £2.80 postage and packing. Fill in the contact me form below.

4. An CO2 NO2 infuser  – More on this later. But a great new toy, perfect for the cocktail maker.

Boozy Christmas present ideas – The HINT!

5. Wine tasting course – I hope that my Mum is reading this as this is what I want for Christmas. As for everyone else, perhaps see you there?

Sloe gin hamper

Sloe gin hamper

6. Sloe Gin and all the trimmings – Don’t worry if you only want to drink Sloe gin and not make it. The multi-award winning Heavenly hedgerows do a great little hamper container Sloe Gin and Bramble Vodka, West Country Honey and a jam/jelly of your choice. They are very environmentally conscious too!

7. A big old bottle of posh whiskey – I asked my friends over at Independent spirit of Bath what they’d like and this beauty was their reply.  Wemysee Malts Whisky is Made from vatted malt and aged in, “heavily Sherried barrels”.  (I’ll wait to see what they get me first).

8. A big old bottle of posh Gin – My favorites include the local (Bristol UK) Psychopomp season gins, 6 O’clock gin and of course the Gin made with foraged ingredients from Islay – The Botanist. (Hint, Hint Independent Spirit of Bath).

Roberto Bava - making a martini

My mate Roberto Bava – making a martini

9. Vermouth – This year I became a convert to Vermouth. I can’t get enough of the stuff. If you live in Bristol the check out the Ethecurian’s foraged “The Collector Vermouth” (if you can find a bottle, only 1000 have been made). For those in the rest of the world, try Cocchi’s  Vermouth di Torinio made using a recipe from 1891! A vermouth that is perfect in a Negroni.

Boozy Christmas present ideas – for 2015

10. Sonic Decanter-Early days yet with this one. It doesn’t even ship until May 2015. But it is going to turn the wine industry on its head. Apparently it can age a wine in just 20 minutes. I can’t wait to have a go and if I sell enough books, I think this will be my present to myself! I wonder if it works on strong beers too?

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