What were we drinking in 1995

Andy Hamilton

Brewer, forager, broadcaster, spaceman occasional liar

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2 Responses

  1. Ian Allsop says:

    I was drinking Chiswick Bitter back then. Fullers had a promotion on it that seemed to go on (happily) forever. While other beers were pushing the two quid mark, Fullers kept the price of Chiswick down to £1.30. Fantastic!!
    I also delved into the mystical world of alcopops. Hooch and Two Dogs were drunk with gusto!!

    • Gosh £1.30 a pint, I remember those days.

      Two dog, was that the 20/20 stuff. Fruit flavoured served with a straw. We put some crap inside ourselves in those days eh! Thank for sharing Ian.

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