Wild food and drink podcast October 2017

Ginchi and Kimchi

Ginchi and Kimchi

For Octobers wild food and drink podcast I am joined again by my good friend Martin. We have a wander around one of my local foraging spots in Bristol, namely Arno’s vale cemetery.  We chat about ginchi , kimchi and how we have both go into fermenting wild foods.

I mention on the podcast Sandor Katz and a BBC radio food programme dedicated to his fermented knowledge. It is well worth a listen and can be found here.  We also have a bit of chat about using mushrooms in booze and fermenting wild mushrooms in booze.

A few people have been in contact to ask where else this podcast is available and to help you folk out I have registered with just about every podcast subscription service possible. So please subscribe using Apple Itunes, Blubrry or even Ivox or how about Player FM, or even Subscribe Android .

If there is anything you want me to cover or if you’d like to comment on how I am doing then please do get in touch. It’s always hard to know what works and what doesn’t without feedback so I’d love to hear from you. Indeed, you might be a forager or work with wild food yourself and if so I’d love to chat to you for the podcast.

Andy Hamilton

Brewer, forager, broadcaster, spaceman occasional liar

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