Andy Hamilton’s CV/Resume

Andy Hamilton "cheers"
Andy Hamilton "cheers"
Andy Hamilton "cheers"

Andy Hamilton

Andy Hamilton making a kelp manhattan

Photo by Alfredo caliz

Andy Hamilton is a multiple award-winning and bestselling author with a sensational palate. This enabled him to jump between the worlds of beer, gin, wild cocktails and wild foods with ease, Kelp Manhattan anyone? He has been writing professionally since 2004 and has appeared on TV and radio around the world speaking about wild plants and their many uses. He also works closely with the drinks industry on various projects.

Andy has written for Wired, the Guardian,  and the Telegraph amongst others. He’s also dabbled as a producer, guest lecturer, (award winning) brewer, chaired and founded a writing club, opened a coffee shop/book shop, founded the association of foragers, and consulted for TV shows.

His titles Booze for Free and Brewing Britain: the quest for the perfect pint are published by Transworld and his first book The Selfsufficientish Bible is published by Hodder.

Andy Hamilton’s – Bibliography

Brewing Britain: The Quest for the Perfect Pint (Transworld, 2013)

Booze for Free (Transworld, 2001) (Penguin US, 2013)

The Self Sufficientish Bible (Hodder and Stoughton, 2008)


Craft beer, The Good Pub Guide 2015 (Random House, 2014)

Homebrew, The Moneyless Manifesto (Permanent Publications, 2012)

Homebrew, The Preserving Book (DK, 2010)

TV and Radio

Producer, presenter, writer, editor – Booze Hacks, Youtube 2015- (ongoing)

Producer, presenter, writer, Drinks Planet (TBC)

Presenter, BBC Radio 4, Wild Booze (2014)

Foraging expert, Something for Nothing, Channel 4 (2013)

Homebrew expert, The Alan Titchmarsh Show, ITV (2011- 2012)

Regular cookery segment and forager, BBC Autumnwatch (2011-12)

Foraging Expert BBC Countryfile (2010-2013)

Elderflower champagne expert, BBC radio 2 Simon Mayo Drivetime (2013)


Andy Hamilton Wild cocktail designer

Photo by Alfredo Caliz

Andy contributes wild cocktail articles for the Guardian word of mouth blog and the Telegraph lifestyle. He wrote a column entitled ‘Wild Drinks’ for the Guardian between 2010 and 2012 and worked as a features writer for BBC Countryfile Magazine, for four years. He has been a regular contributor to Wired Magazine, BBC Food, the Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Ecologist. He has written various articles for Hot Rum Cow, Readers Digest, Organic Home and Garden, Kitchen Garden, Towpath Talk, The Bristol Magazine, Ethical Living, The Ethical Consumer, Gardens Illustrated, Home Farmer, Tastes of Britain and

Andy Hamilton’s Awards

Winner Best Beer Camra Watford, for Scottish Ale made with Smoked Juniper Malt, Collaborative brew with Beerd Beers (2014)

Winner of Gourmand Cookbook award for Tourism and Wine with Brewing Britain (2013)

Winner of Horticultural Channel Awards with Booze for Free (2011)

Winner of Best Non Practical Gardening Book of the Year with Booze for Free (2011)

Nigel’s Eco award, Best Website, (2008)

A small example of Andy Hamilton’s Events

Bristol Festival of Ideas, The Eden Project, Wild Booze Walks, Bristol, WI talks, Guest Lecturer, Bristol University, Guest Lecturer, Worcester University.

Andy regularly appears at festivals, including at Wells, Dartington, Swindon, Oxford, Wimbourne and Bristol.

Other work

Remy Cointreau on – The Botanist Gin a gin made with foraged botanicals. Andy provides both written and video content for their website and is flown around Europe to help demonstrate foraging and it’s relationship with alcohol to a wider audience.

There’s a beer for that”, matching 500 everyday foods with different beers; Twix and a brown ale anyone?

He has also been brewing beers in collaborations with brewers creating one-off beers with marketability. He also advises on drinks making within the industry.