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The other Andy Hamilton is a writer and broadcaster not to be confused with the other more successful Andy Hamilton who is a writer and broadcaster. Author of the best selling “Booze for Free” a book about making your own booze, co-Author of The Selfsufficientish Bible a book about living more softly on the planet and a freelance writer contributing to many UK publications such as The Guardian, The Ecologist, Home Farmer and Ethical Consumer. He is also known as the BBC Autumnwatch Forager and make frequent appearances on UK and European TV. He doesn’t appear on panel shows and doesn’t have a black beard. This Andy Hamilton did not write Outnumbered or Old Harry’s Game nor has he ever played in a Jazz band or played Darts. Google Plus

Booze walks – Part of the Bristol Walking Festival

Booze walks This year, and for a limited time only, I’ll be running two exclusive Booze walks. They are 2 hour long strolls, around the stunning backdrop of Brunel’s masterpiece suspension bridge and through the worlds first heritage site Avon … Continue reading

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Growing your own hops part one

Growing your own hops a extract from Brewing Britain – part one Planting and training Commercial hops are grown up poles, but you can grow them up the side of your house. Hops like sunlight and will require around 8 … Continue reading

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Bristol Beer Festival 2014 a few favourite beers

I had no idea I was going to the Bristol Beer Festival at the Brunel’s old station (next to Temple Meads Station), until midday last night. Myself, Mr Vincent Crocker from Ashley Down Brewery and Micheal Wiper Esq of Wiper … Continue reading

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Venison in London Porter, Elderberry and Juniper Sauce

Venison Steak in a London Porter, Elderberry and Juniper sauce You could say that me and Juniper berries have previous. That is to say, when I collaborated on a Scottish Ale with Shane from Beerd (Bath Ales craft arm), we … Continue reading

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A-Z of beer part one A to F

A-Z of Beer and Brewing in Britain Having now published Brewing Britain- The Quest for the Perfect Pint I seem to have a load of words left over, therefore I thought I’d blog them as this A-Z of beer. So … Continue reading

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How to write a letter and other downtime videos

The art of letter writing is not dead as American writer Sam Swa(m)pwater will demonstrate in a place that looks remarkably like my kitchen. Keep watching for a nugget of information right till the end. This site seems to already … Continue reading

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Hangover tea – part 12 in 12 drinks for Christmas

Hangovers and hangover cures All three of my books contain homebrew recipes as does a large propotion of this blog. It would seem only fair that I at least acknowledge that I might be at least partly responsible for many … Continue reading

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Posset old fashioned Egg nog – part 10 and 11 in the 12 drinks for Christmas

Posset Possets have been entrenched in British culture for around 1000 years and were well known right up until the end of the 19th Century. Richard Cook in his 1827 book, Oxford Night Caps ,wrote of many different Possets calling … Continue reading

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Khrenovukha – Horseradish vodka – part 9 in the 12 drinks for Christmas

Khrenovukha – Horseradish vodka I was first given this traditional recipe for Khrenovukha by my Russian friend Sasha and it appeared in my first drinks book, Booze for Free. Having played around with it for a few years I have … Continue reading

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Mulled saison – part eight in Andy’s 12 drinks for Christmas

Here is a twist on the traditional mulled cider or wine, a mulled saison. A saison (also spelt Saision depending on where you come from), is a beer that derives from Wallonia, one of the French-speaking parts of Belgium. As … Continue reading

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