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Unethical Alcohol?

If you have never read this blog before nor come across my work then, for the sake of transpancy, I have to disclose that I have a vested interested in all things booze related before I go on. I’m a … Continue reading

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Beer and babies a match made in heaven?

Of course I’m also not that I’m suggesting your next bit of family time for the over 5′s involves pepper pig drinking games or that you call your next brew a child friendly Iggle Piggle pale ale to consume only “in the beer garden”. No, I’m simply suggesting that there are some transferable skills that the good brewer will develop. Continue reading

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Sloe Gin and the Shameful history of Britain

Imagine the first ever sloe gin ever made and you might picture a chocolate box Tudor Britain. Perhaps a pastoral scene an adorable old lady returning home with a wicker shopping basket full to bursting of sloes, carving off a … Continue reading

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Straight Glasses help curb binge drinking, apparently

Dr Angela Atwood et al* recently published a paper that suggests binge drinking can be influenced by drinking from long straight glasses rather than round glasses. In the study participants were given a glass of lager either in a half … Continue reading

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Booze for Free PDF

Booze for free PDF – Should everything be free? Everything should be free is an argument that the internet has most certainly perpetuated. Authors Neil Gaiman and Paulo Coelho both agree to a certain extent, but does that mean its … Continue reading

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