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Gin Safari & Wild booze Events in Bristol & Bath 2016

Gin safari, Wild Booze walks and Family soda & Sweet adventures! Book your Gin Safari. Dates will be announced soon for your Family Soda and Sweet Adventures and the original wild booze walks here! All courses are held in Bristol … Continue reading

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Wild Blackberry Wine

Many older foraging books, and my childhood memories of the 1980’s, insist that blackberries are an autumnal fruit rarely seen before the end of August. These days if you wait until autumn to pick blackberries you will be disappointed. The … Continue reading

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The Wild Martini

The Wild Martini From its origins sometime in the 18th century the Martini has endured and evolved. It’s a sophisticated cocktail that gets an upgrade every few years. From the Dry Martini in the roaring 1920’s, to James Bonds Vesper … Continue reading

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Andy’s wild booze walks – Bristol and Bath

Andy’s Wild Booze walks – New dates and venues added When you take a sip of a Martini you could be imbibing hundreds of wild plants as both vermouth and gin can be made from any number of plants. Some … Continue reading

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Wild booze and Hedgerow cocktails – The Bitter May Queen Cocktail

Over the last year or so my attentions have been rather more focused on creating infusions and cocktails. Thus, I decided to start work on a book WILD BOOZE & Hedgerow Cocktails. It’s a book that you can help create … Continue reading

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What were we drinking in 1935 and 1915

What were we drinking 1935 and 1915? Continuing the countdown to the magna carta was signed I’m looking at 800 years of boozing. So What were we drinking in 1935 and 1915? 1935 The Bellini When in 1931 Giuseppe Cipriani … Continue reading

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Elderflower Liquor and The Elderflower Tom Collins

Elderflowers are generally in bloom when the warmer weather decides to stay. Their delicate scent drifting in the gentle spring morning breeze and lightly perfuming the air. I wonder if this is why we go so made for anything to … Continue reading

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What is the Nitrous Oxide/C02 infuser?

What is the Nitrous Oxide/CO2 infuser? Just a month ago I got a new bit of kit, a Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) infuser. It uses both Co2 and Nitrous Oxide canisters and it makes infusions in minutes rather than days or … Continue reading

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Boozy advent calendar part two, the run up to Christmas day

“I am in the presence of the Ghost of Christmas yet to come? ” said Scrooge. The Spirit answered not, but pointed onward with its hand. ” You are about to show me shadows of the things that have not … Continue reading

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Homemade boozy advent calendar part one

Homemade boozy advent calendar – Part one If there is one month that it’s compulsory to be drunk throughout its December. The office parties, the glasses of mulled wine given out by shop keepers to coax you into buying more, … Continue reading

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