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nasturtium vodka

Most people I know who have planted a few nasturtium seeds now have a nasturtium jungle. The stuff grows everywhere and years after you plant nasturtiums it will have made itself at home, just like a univited guest who’ll always … Continue reading

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The other Andy Hamilton Podcast episode one – Terrible Bosses

Welcome to Other Andy Hamilton Podcast.  This will be a periodic look at whatever takes my fancy and, over time, it might take some form but for now its one subject one podcast, periodically published. It may or may not … Continue reading

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Should I prick Sloes, should I pick sloes after the first frost? – How to make the perfect sloe gin

When shall I pick sloes? Do I need to prick sloes? – How to make perfect Sloe Gin You don’t need to wait until the first frost to pick your sloes nor do you need to prick them. I’m sorry … Continue reading

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Elderberry Black and Black

Elderberry Black and Black There are many cocktails made using Guinness one of the nicest being Black and Black which is made simply by adding a shot of blackcurrant cordial into a pint of Guinness. As originally the Guinness brewery brewed … Continue reading

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Homemade bitter lemon and lime – a very easy recipe

Homemade bitter lemon and lime Most student will experiment with drugs at University, I went as a mature student and had gone way beyond that point, instead experimenting with gin (and wearing chaps). I’d mix gin with everything and after … Continue reading

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Homestart Bristol – The Charity I support and Why

When I became a father I felt very privileged, not just because my son seemed so perfect nor because he had two of everything he should have two of. It was because I found myself in the enviable position of … Continue reading

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Wild Festival cocktails

As I write midsummer has just passed and that means one thing, we are right in the middle of festival season, wild festival cocktail season! Dolly might have wowed the crowds at Glastonbury and for some that signals the end … Continue reading

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Pub Facts – Half truths from the pub

What are Pub facts? Over the course of writing Brewing Britain and throughout my drinking career I have heard many a tall tale, always told most earnestly and always told at least two or three pints into the evening. I’ve … Continue reading

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Wild booze walks – Back by popular demand

I called my last two wild booze walks exclusive as I planned to only do two of them. But everyone who attended really enjoyed them and they sold out within 2 days, who’d have thought! Since then I’ve been inundated with … Continue reading

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Turin Day three

Turin Day three We two are now three and we have so far managed to just about re-film what we have shot yesterday in the rain, meaning that much of yesterday was a write off. Such is the nature of … Continue reading

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