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Homemade buckfast and what were we drinking in 1895?

Homemade Buckfast and what we what we were drinking in 1895 I’ll be continuing my countdown of 800 years of booze to coincide with 800 years since the signing of the Magna Carta.  Thus far I’ve covered predictions for 2015 … Continue reading

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What is the Nitrous Oxide/C02 infuser?

What is the Nitrous Oxide/CO2 infuser? Just a month ago I got a new bit of kit, a Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) infuser. It uses both Co2 and Nitrous Oxide canisters and it makes infusions in minutes rather than days or … Continue reading

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Homemade tonic water – Beta

Homemade Tonic water – Beta There are two ways to make tonic water, either the infusion method or the decoction.  Mercifully, they are both very straightforward and apparently yield excellent results. I’ve only tried one of these methods and so … Continue reading

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Cleavers Juice – A recipe from Booze for Free

Not every recipe in Booze for Free is for booze, there are a number of soft drinks there too and here is one of them Cleavers Juice. I thought I might even add a little video just show how easy … Continue reading

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Turin Day three

Turin Day three We two are now three and we have so far managed to just about re-film what we have shot yesterday in the rain, meaning that much of yesterday was a write off. Such is the nature of … Continue reading

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How to write a letter and other downtime videos

The art of letter writing is not dead as American writer Sam Swa(m)pwater will demonstrate in a place that looks remarkably like my kitchen. Keep watching for a nugget of information right till the end. This site seems to already … Continue reading

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Himalayan Balsam, eating invasive plants -The Lunchbreak forager

If I was to mention Policeman’s helmet,  Bobby Tops, Copper Tops,  Gnome’s Hatstand, Kiss me on the mountain and Impatiens glandulifera or Himalayan Balsam I’d be talking about the same plant. For a plant that only reached the UK in … Continue reading

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The Great British Beer Festival – GBBF – Is it the best festival beer model?

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to be invited to the trade session at the GBBF. The movers and shakers of the beer world were there from beer Bloggers like Rob from Hopzine, professional beer authors such as bestselling Pete … Continue reading

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Why I love foraging, Autumnwatch video clip and Ethical consumer article

Why I love foraging Whenever I start my foraging walks I always ask the group if they have any prior knowledge of wild food. They often (as a group) look sheepishly down to the ground in a collective muttering of, … Continue reading

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