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Wild Blackberry Wine

Many older foraging books, and my childhood memories of the 1980’s, insist that blackberries are an autumnal fruit rarely seen before the end of August. These days if you wait until autumn to pick blackberries you will be disappointed. The … Continue reading

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Natural hangover cures

My book, Booze for free is now the estimated cause of over one million hangovers*. So, to pay back my karmic debt I thought it time I shared how I deal with my monumentous hangovers, naturally. The best natural hangover … Continue reading

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Lunchbreak forager – Plums and some quick and easy plum recipes

Lunchbreak forager– Plums Juicy Victoria plums, or wild sweet purple damsons and greengages; plums have to be up there as one the greatest foraged foods (and plum wine is a great wine too). A heavy branch of damson hangs over … Continue reading

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Booze for Free PDF

Booze for free PDF – Should everything be free? Everything should be free is an argument that the internet has most certainly perpetuated. Authors Neil Gaiman and Paulo Coelho both agree to a certain extent, but does that mean its … Continue reading

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Dock – The Lunchbreak forager

Docks are in the same family as buckwheat and sorrel. Docks are most famed for their use in folk medicine to help when stung by nettle. Personally I find that a plantain (plantago) leaf is far more beneficial than a … Continue reading

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The Great British Beer Festival – GBBF – Is it the best festival beer model?

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to be invited to the trade session at the GBBF. The movers and shakers of the beer world were there from beer Bloggers like Rob from Hopzine, professional beer authors such as bestselling Pete … Continue reading

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Andy Hamilton’s fireweed, bramble tip and Himalayan balsam wine

I love working with other home winemakers to come up with new wines and so would like to hear from you!  This month I have teamed up with Mike Griffiths from Nottinghamshire who has been making wine since before I … Continue reading

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Andy Hamiton’s delicious alcoholic elderflower champagne

The fizz that characterises elderflower champagne is a result of bottling before the fermentation process has finished, normally this process is started by capturing wild yeast. This can cause problems: namely, lack of alcohol, exploding bottles and disappointing results. (for … Continue reading

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Elderflower champagne problems from mould, no fizz to exploding bottles

For more recipes including an elderflower champagne recipe plus more problem solving have a look at my book, Booze for free.  Or if you are a lovely person perhaps you want to share that loveliness by helping to fund my 3rd … Continue reading

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The Urban forager by Andy Hamilton

It often surprises people when they realise that urban environments can supply a more diverse range of foods than rural areas can. This mass delusion of the bio diverse countryside manifests itself when you see hoards of people flocking to … Continue reading

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