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How to open beer without an opener

The smoking ban is suposed to have had a huge impact on the amount we drink. Perhaps it has but not for the reasons that many of us think. When you smoke you have a lighter on you at all … Continue reading

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Beer and beard matching – Mo-vembeer(d) – Does your beer match your beard?

Beer and beard matching – Mo-vem-beer-d –  The traditional beards. (a collaborative post with Paul Fishman) My first local was in Northampton a small market town in the centre of England. A pub called the Racehorse Inn. Back then it … Continue reading

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Growing hops – part two

Growing Hops – part two Pests and diseases an extract from Brewing Britain – When growing hops aphids can be a problem. To combat them I pick as many ladybird larvae (young ladybirds) as I could from a nearby lime … Continue reading

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A-Z of beer part one A to F

A-Z of Beer and Brewing in Britain Having now published Brewing Britain- The Quest for the Perfect Pint I seem to have a load of words left over, therefore I thought I’d blog them as this A-Z of beer. So … Continue reading

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T’ej beer (part of the 12 drinks of Christmas)

T’ej beer part of the twelve drinks of Christmas Starting today I’ll be posting 12 drinks of Christmas, these will be drinks that you can make at home and will either be ready to drink on Christmas day or, in … Continue reading

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The Great British Beer Festival – GBBF – Is it the best festival beer model?

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to be invited to the trade session at the GBBF. The movers and shakers of the beer world were there from beer Bloggers like Rob from Hopzine, professional beer authors such as bestselling Pete … Continue reading

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How to taste beer with Jane Peyton from the School of Booze

How to taste Beer with Jane Peyton Learning how to taste beer is a skill and to learn a skill you need a good teacher, Jane Peyton, the Principal at the School of Booze, is such a teacher. Jane trained … Continue reading

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