Andy’s wild booze walks – Bristol and Bath

Andy’s Wild Booze walks – New dates and venues added

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As seen on Radio 4 Food Program (Click to listen)

When you take a sip of a Martini you could be imbibing hundreds of wild plants as both vermouth and gin can be made from any number of plants. Some of these plants can be fairly exotic, others may be growing in your back garden and it is very possible to make your own wild infusions that will taste every bit as amazing as your favourite gin or vermouth.

On my wild booze walks I take a group of people out and introduce them to the plants that grow at our feet. Plants that all have a secret history. It’s also a bloody good laugh going out with a group of people and having a drink outdoors.

Twice this year I’ve had to add new dates to my wild booze walks due to demand and below are dates that still have spaces available. I’ve decided too to travel further afield this year and take my booze walks to new place. Ok, just Bath right now but watch this space for dates to be added in other UK venues around the country (well perhaps one nearish to Manchester). If you would like me to come to you then please do let me know by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.

Andy’s Wild booze walk Bristol

Andy Hamilton clifton bridge squareWhat could be better than a stroll along aside the gentle flow of the river Avon. Along through the beautiful Avon gorge and under Brunel’s masterful suspension bridge. With a group of like-minded people for company and a best selling booze author pointing out some of the wonderful plants that can be turned into great drinks? Well doing all that with a drink in your hand of course!
WEDNESDAY 22nd JULY 2015, 2.30pm. Currently taking booking for Andy’s wild book walks through Eventsbrite

Andy’s Wild booze walk Bath

A stroll along aside the gentle flow of Kennet and Avon canal as narrow boats chug past and the hazy autumn sun sets across this world heritage city.
FRIDAY 2nd October 2015, 5.00pm Currently taking booking for Andy’s wild book walks through Eventsbrite

Praise for Andy’s wild booze walk in Bath

Along the Kennet and avon canal

Along the Kennet and Avon canal

“I recently organised a stag night and having listened to Andy on radio 4 thought a booze walk would be a good idea. Andy took eight of us along the canal in bath, educated us on the intricacies of making booze from the hedgerows and the history of artisan drinks. Peppered with anecdotes, facts and fable Andy’s engaging and relaxed approached fitted well with the banter of the rest of the group. Andy’s samples of wild booze along the way eased us in to a night of excess. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and highly recommended to small groups interested in making and sampling some of the stranger drinks in life”.  Alasdair Dawson

Praise for Andy’s Bristol Walk

“A delightfully green and pleasant, yet truly educational, walk, a few minutes from the city  centre, punctuated with varied and delicious, mostly alcoholic, refreshment, provided and indeed created by our most congenial host.  A charming group of people who somehow became ever more affable as the walk went on!” Roger Greenhalgh

Private bookings

Currently taking booking for private walks, including less raucous Stag and Hen dos, small weddings, birthday’s ect. Date’s available in 2016 and a handful of weekday dates are available in 2015. Please use the form below to contact me.


Totterdown Writers a Bristol Based Writing Group

Old books

What will your book look like on the shelf?

Please note that this group is no longer running, sadly I don’t have enough time to dedicate to it. But, another local writer is running groups. See David Lane’s site for more details

Now that I’m working on a third book and have been making my living from my words

since 2004, I thought it about time I endowed my great pearls of wisdom on the world. Or at least I decided that 10 years ago I could have done with a club like this one.

The idea behind Totterdown Writers is that budding writers will get to know how the mysterious world of publishing works by talking with published authors, agents, editors and anyone else who makes their living from words. We will also encourage published authors to climb out of their writing sheds and communicate with real people.

What I’m basically saying is that ALL ARE WELCOME.  From those who’ve written a single poem on the back of napkin and are now hooked on the idea that they will become the next George Orwell to Orwell himself, if he were still alive.

I intend to keep the atmosphere light hearted and honest yet supportive.

The group meets on the first THURSDAY of every month from 7pm-9pm at The Duchess of Totterdown Cafe, 198 Wells Road, Totterdown/Knowle Bristol, BS4 2AX (Up passed the co-op on the Wells Road but not as far as the George Pub).Andy Hamilton Writing

In order to pay for the venue and our occasional guest speakers expenses there is a fee of between £3-£10. The scale is at your discretion depending on your present financial situation.

I hope to hear about you and your work on the first THURSDAY of every month at the Duchess of Totterdown Cafe, 198 Wells Road, Totterdown/Knowle from 7pm-9pm.

What? – Totterdown Writers

Where? Duchess of Totterdown, Bristol, BS4 2AX

When? FIRST THURSDAY of every month, from 7pm-9pm

How much? £3-£10 depending on what you can afford and what you think it was worth. In other words if you are poor and hated it you don’t pay, rich (or at least doing alright for yourself) and loved it £10 and everywhere else in between.

Netham Common, Bristol

A snow man on Netham Common

Netham Common Jan 2010

Back in 2009-2010 having worked on Selfsufficientish for 6 years I decided it was time to broaden my horizons a little. I contacted a number of magazines with various ideas. One local to Bristol (and simply called Bristol) picked up one of my ideas. Over almost a year I visited various spots around Bristol in an attempt to urge people to do the same. I intend to publish one each month as they appeared 2 years ago in the Bristol Magazine.

Netham Common

Netham common is one of the green spaces that you will only find on a map. That is unless you live nearby and walk you dog on or you play football there on a Sunday afternoon. It is tucked away in my bit of Bristol, over in the badlands (south of the M32). On one side of the park is Avonvale Road on  the other The Feeder Road canal and if you are standing on the common you can see about 3 blocks of flats.  The flats I think frame it as a cityscape, without them the park might look out of place. Almost as a squirrel without a tail or a bird with no beak.

Every time I walk on Netham Common, which is almost every day at the moment, it really fills me with a sense of hope.  In living memory the common has been a toxic dump. I spoke to one of my neighbours and he remembers when it used to be a chemical works. The Barton Hill History Group state that from 1859 to 1949 a huge chimney used to belch out smoke, casting a shadow across Barton Hill.  The massive 40 acre site must have looked like something out of post apocalyptic 1980’s drama Threads.

Netham has now changed beyond recognition and when I learnt of it’s story I found it most heart-warming. It was given back to the city in the fifties and the transformation began. Now there are native trees, squirrels and a host of birds that all call this former waste dump home. It is also a great place for foraging, with chestnut trees (if you beat the squirrels to is), sloes, elderberries, rosehips and blackberries aplenty.

It is slightly frustrating though as due to the chemicals in the soil I would not be comfortable picking the mushrooms, nettles or many of the other plants that grow on the Netham. However, it does bring hope to the rest of the city, perhaps Tesco Eastville will become a freshwater wildlife reserve, Clifton Heights a wild flower meadow and the M32 a deer park. Well here’s hoping (and day dreaming).