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Wild Garlic

From early March in the south of England and mid to late March in Scotland wild garlic, Allium ursinum a relative of chives, onions and normal garlic can be seen growing. In sheltered spots you may see it hanging on … Continue reading

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The Lunchbreak forager – Hawthorn

Hawthorn – Crataegus – What is Hawthorn? Hawthorn is planted as hedging and therefore can be found on the edge of car parks, in public parks and, for those in the countryside, it can also be found on the edges … Continue reading

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Five Plum Wine recipe

Five Plum Wine This is an extract from my bestselling home brew book Booze for Free published by Eden Project Books, RRP £9.99 for hardback (but you can often get it much cheaper online). Over the year different plums will … Continue reading

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Andy Hamiton’s delicious alcoholic elderflower champagne

The fizz that characterises elderflower champagne is a result of bottling before the fermentation process has finished, normally this process is started by capturing wild yeast. This can cause problems: namely, lack of alcohol, exploding bottles and disappointing results. (for … Continue reading

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The Urban forager by Andy Hamilton

It often surprises people when they realise that urban environments can supply a more diverse range of foods than rural areas can. This mass delusion of the bio diverse countryside manifests itself when you see hoards of people flocking to … Continue reading

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Birch Sap Wine and how to tap a birch

One of the first signs that spring has sprung is when small, neatly wrapped parcels of leaves start to appear on the trees. These buds indicate not only the start of spring but that the sap is rising, and the … Continue reading

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Eating the Dead

Eating the Dead – Foraging Edinburghs Graveyards With its abundance of green spaces Edinburgh’s wild food larder is pretty impressive –  just a short and welcome step away from the heaving main streets, street performers and countless flyer off-loaders during … Continue reading

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Why I love foraging, Autumnwatch video clip and Ethical consumer article

Why I love foraging Whenever I start my foraging walks I always ask the group if they have any prior knowledge of wild food. They often (as a group) look sheepishly down to the ground in a collective muttering of, … Continue reading

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