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How to identify Sloes to make sloe gin etc

How to identify Sloes Before you can make your sloe gin, sloe wine or sloe anything then really you have to to know how to identify Sloes. There was a point when I didn’t know how to identify sloes. In … Continue reading

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Andy’s Sloe Christmas Cocktail – 12 drinks of Christmas part 6

I’ve been currently reading the brilliant Boozehound by Jason Wilson, it’s a travelogue cocktail book and it is enough to turn the most temperant of people into raging boozehounds. Wilson helps give you a firm basis of how cocktails can … Continue reading

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There is more to life than sloe gin – How to make herbal and fruit alcohol infusions out of almost anything

This time of year everyone starts talking about one drink, sloe gin. Indeed, this is the fifth blog post I’ve written about the stuff as sloe gin really has got so popular. I do love the stuff, but not everyone … Continue reading

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What to do with the left over sloes from sloe gin

What to do with left over sloes from Sloe Gin I once had a demijohn full of sloes just sitting up on a shelf, I forgot about it for months or perhaps even (2) years. The sloes were perfectly preserved … Continue reading

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Sloe Gin and the Shameful history of Britain

Imagine the first ever sloe gin ever made and you might picture a chocolate box Tudor Britain. Perhaps a pastoral scene an adorable old lady returning home with a wicker shopping basket full to bursting of sloes, carving off a … Continue reading

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Sloe Gin Recipe

Sloes grow on the blackthorn bush (Prunus spinosa)which are not only very common throughout Europe but can be found on all of the non-frozen continents of the Earth. I have heard it suggested that you should beat the blackthorn to … Continue reading

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