What were we drinking in 1995

What were we drinking in 1995?

Andy Hamilton in 1999
Me in the 90’s

The New York times reports that IPA sales are strong and Brooklyn Brewery release 2000 barrels of a new lemony East India Pale Ale. Mirco-brewing in the states continues to rise at a rate of 50% a year. I’m sure this micro-brewing is just a flash in the pan, it will never catch on!

Beer in the UK

Beer innovation was a little behind in the UK in the 90’s. In 1989 the widget was invent but it’s demise started in 1995. There was a report that a Londoner drank more than he bargained for whilst necking from a can of Carlsberg. The fella only went and drank a bit of the widget which had fallen off!

Rather depressingly four breweries owned around three-quarters of the UK market in the 1990’s and beer like the warm sick in a tin Carling Black label, fosters and Kronenbourg were all selling well. Let us not forget how far we have come!  Carlsberg conversely were facing some serious problems and they issued a profit warning.


The “Webtender” a new fangled online bartender reports that it’s top three most requested drinks in October 1995 are in reverse order, Sex on the Beach, Long Island Ice tea and The Orgasm.

Sex on the Beach

This was really a dark time for cocktails, stupid names and artificial ingredients reigned supreme. No one seemed that interested in sipping cocktails that tasted of anything. Pubs and clubs were filled with smoke anyway and so it was impossible to taste anything.

Well if you want sex on the beach, you don’t really want to do it alone so the below will make 2 cocktails.

3 parts Vodka
1 Part Peach Schnapps
4 Parts Cranberry Juice
4 Parts Orange Juice (Or Grapefruit Juice)

Build over ice and stir.

Another variation of Sex on the Beach is 2 Parts vodka, 1 Part melon liqueur, 1 part raspberry liqueur, 3 parts pineapple juice, 3 parts cranberry juice.

Drink whilst listening to Shaggy – Mr Boombastic. What ever happened to shaggy?