2018 Gin safari, wild cocktail events & a bonus recipe

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought I’d better finally sort out a few events for the first half of next year.  These four events are all along the similar theme of wild booze and I think you’ll agree they also all have an air of sophistication to them – even if you don’t by the end of them! Descriptions of each event can be found on their respective Eventbrite pages I try to add something new each year in order to keep myself and you lot as happy as possible. I have found that the gin safari events have stuck and have proven to be very popular. As with all my events, I have a philosophy that they should be fun first and that you should accidentally walk away with some knowledge. I will be running some more booze walks especially as Farmdrop have named them as one of food trends of 2018! So please do subscribe to this blog if you can (I’d love to tell you how, but I can’t work it out myself).

Wild Gin Safari, Bristol,7th JULY

My now world-famous Gin Safari’s are the longest running Gin Safari events in the UK! Book early to avoid disappointment.

7th July BS4, Bristol. To book please visit Eventbrite

More events will be added throughout 2018 – well… unless I get booked up with private events!

and, as promised here is a nice little cocktail recipe

I’ll be adding a wild cocktail event in due course too!

The French Sioux

Sean Sherman called himself the Sioux chef, he was fed up with reading about native American recipes that all seemed to evolve after the Europeans settlers arrived. He research found a host of interesting new(old) flavours that could be made from the plants growing across the States. One such flavour, that of the Cedar tree, can be enjoyed across Asia and Europe too, as we have our fair share of cedar trees as well. In cooler climes they are found planted in gardens and parks whilst in warmer areas you’ll find them growing wild in wood and scrublands.

I found playing around with cedar I got a kind of orange/pine flavour. Something I really didn’t expect. It’s a flavour that pairs beautifully with deep brandy flavours and along with a bite of Maraschino.

2 parts Cedar infused vodka

1 part Maraschino Liqueur

2 parts Brandy

1 part Cointreau


Stir all of the ingredients over ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with a spring of cedar.