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I’m the other Andy Hamilton a bestselling author of Booze for free  and the multi award winning Brewing Britain and I’ve won a brewing award too.  I’ve also been known for my wild food knowledge and have popped up on TV and radio a few times as a result. For more about my experience click here
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A biography

My career started back in February 2004 when I got my first allotment and my first computer (not including a ZX Spectrum 48k with rubber keys). I sat and taught myself how to grow veg and some basic HTML and by April I had started a website and planted my first seeds. By September I had my first harvest and the website was getting around 10,000 hits a day. The site was called Selfsufficientish.com and is now run by a group of people who loved the site so much, we gave them it!

From these beginnings we went onto write our first book, The Selfsufficientish Bible. The book reflected our lifestyles covering (amongst other things), growing your own veg, home brewing and foraging.

After publication I started writing features for magazines and although this went well, after a few years I decided that I wanted to write another book instead. I was brewing and foraging a lot at the time I set upon writing Booze for Free. My house filled with demijohns which would constantly bubble away whilst the smell of fruit, freshly picked herbs and yeast  wafted through each and every room as I beavered away creating all sorts of concoctions.

Booze for Free then started to really sell really well and it was clear that some sort of follow-up could be a good option for another book. As, my favourite drink has always been a good beer and I’d been brewing from many years the logical choice was a book about beer. Over the next two years I visited brewers, grew hops, went to various home brew meets across the country and drank an excessive amount of beer. I fully immersed myself into the beer world and I consumed as much beer knowledge as actual beer over then next two years. The result was Brewing Britain – the quest for the perfect pint. A book that reflects just how paradoxically simple and complicated a pint of beer can be.

So what’s next, you may well ask. Watch this space and find out (or if I haven’t updated this page for some time then I’m sure a quick look around the blog will help you find out)!

Why the Other Andy Hamilton?

Why the other Andy Hamilton, you may well ask. Well, there are a few of us out there. There is one who play professional darts, another who writes sitcoms such as outnumbered for BBC TV and Old Harry’s Game for the Radio he also appears on Have I got News or you and countless other BBC comedy shows, There is another who plays Australian League Rugby and another very famous one who died recently and was a fine Jazz musician.

So that’s me

You might want to book me for a talk or as a guest on your show, you might want to tell me that you enjoyed my books or you might even just want to buy me a pint. If you are sure you have the right Andy Hamilton then please do email or fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.