Booze for free

Booze for Free and Selfsuffientish – By Andy Hamilton

Booze for free front coverAfter its release on 1st September 2011 Booze for Free has gone on to sell thousands of copies. What’s more I’ve teamed up with a lovely indie bookshop down in Brighton who sell it at a ridicuously low price. If you want a copy then click here.

Synopsis of Booze for Free

Home brewing and wine-making is fun, easy and hugely satisfying. If you garden or forage,  can follow a recipe or make jam, and you enjoy a drink, this is the book for you.  Andy’s no-nonsense, easy-to-follow guide will enable the beginner and inspire the expert  with over 100 recipes including beer made from hops and but also yarrow, mugwort, elder and other foraged plants, great tasting wines from fruit, vegetables and the hedgerows, cider and perry from apples and pears, cordials from the leaves of a range of trees, and teas and fizzy drinks from herbs and wayside flowers.

  • Make cheap, wholesome drinks, to your preferred taste and strength
  • in little time, with minimum fuss and no need for expensive equipment.
  • Turn your garden into a drinkers’ paradise.
  • Find where and how to forage for success.
  • Impress your friends with the weird, wonderful and just plain tasty.
  • Try Carrot Whisky, Sloe and Damson Rum, Parsnip Sherry, Elderberry and Blackberry Wine,
  • Pumpkin Beer, Broom Tonic, Meadowsweet tea as well as classics such as Elderflower champagne, sloe gin, prison brew… Cheers


Booze for free held by Andy Hamilton
Booze for Free UK and US editions
Booze for Free is a book-of-the year contender … a book which I’ll be reading again and again (trying out recipes and techniques as I go along), and you’d have to be drunk not to want to do the same! –
Some guys have all the luck. Andy Hamilton has `road tested’ over 100 DIY drinks -many of them pleasantly alcoholic- to be made from the plants of the garden, hedge, field and wood, and has brought the results to the pages of his Booze for Free. The result is a home imbiber’s delight, full of lore, sense, entertainment, humour, botany, history and tongue-tantalizing recipes. Hamilton has that wholly underrated, but absolutely essential skill in a practical matters, of writing with pure clarity and absolute readability. His recipes won’t let you down. You may fall down after sampling some of the stronger brews, but that’s another matter. –John Lewis-Stempel, author of The Wild Life: A Year of Living on Wild Food
Wow…it’s brilliant! So many mouthwateringly delicious ideas and recipes! … But this is so much more than a ‘recipe’ book. Packed with fascinating and useful information about the world of foraging, not to mention a good pinch of humour, it makes me want to abandon life as I know it. –Brigit Strawbridge, star of `It’s Not Easy Being Green’
Andy’s book reveals the treasure trove in our hedgerows, fields and woodlands. –Kate Humble

The Selfsufficientish Bible

Identical twin brothers Andy and Dave Hamilton live in the centre of Bristol. Attracted to the pub and music scene of the bustling city, they still yearn for elements of the good life. So ever since they were students, they have used their initiative and imagination to think up ways to live in a frugal and self-sufficientish way, while still enjoying life to the full. Having set up their website in 2004, they discovered that their approach and ethos touched a nerve with thousands of people in the UK. Andy and Dave, Britains green twins, advocate a fun and positive approach to environmentalism, and understand that the thought of adjusting every aspect of our lives is overwhelming and possibly offputting. Hence self-sufficientish. If you don’t have the space or time to be totally self-reliant, but crave creative ideas for recycling, growing organic vegetables and establishing an environmentally friendly home office, this is the book for you. Youll find small suggestions to get you started (not overfilling your kettle, choosing alternative kitchen-cleaning products and making plant pots out of newspapers) and bigger ones for when your confidence grows (advice on keeping chickens, making office equipment out of worn-out trousers and tackling an allotment for the first time), as well as recipes, herbal remedies, eco-friendly travel solutions and much much more.