Elderflower – Sambcus nigra

It’s that time of year again, the heady perfumed scent of elderflower is hitting the air and we are all reminded of the lazy days of summers past. The bright white clusters of flowers are blooming across Europe and North America and a buzz about elderflower champagne is on everyone’s lips.

Before you rush off and buy in a demijohn or two to whip your batch of elderflower champagne you might consider something a bit different, something a bit harder. This summer I think calls for it, nay, it demands it.

Luckily for you folk I’ve a few elderflower cocktails recipes tucked away in this block.

First up the Elderflower Collins and this recipe also includes how to make elderflower liquor.

If that tempts your fancy that then how about a chocolate elderflower cocktail? This also includes a recipe to make elderflower syrup which is a much easier recipe than elderflower cordial and yet tastes just as good.

If you came here because your elderflower champagne has gone bad, mouldy or just plain wrong then you are just a click away from solving your problem.

Lastly, the elderflower sherbert. Try it and you’ll love it!