Wild Booze walks FAQ

Before you send an email regarding the wild booze walks please read the Wild Booze walks FAQ. I have tried to respond for every question I’ve ever been asked about the walks and so I hope you will find a response below.

Wild Booze walks FAQ’s

Q. How do I get to the create center?

 wild booze walk FAQ
I have a wild booze walk FAQ, can I have a another glass please?

A. There are full details of how to get there on the create website, including bus, train and even ferry! It’s strongly adviseable that you leave your car at home as there is a chance you’ll be over the limit by the end of the course.

Q. How do I pay?

A. If you are interested then please email me and let me know and I’ll forward you on details to pay by bank transfer. If you don’t have internet banking you can pay by cheque. If you don’t have either please contact me using the form below.

Q. What can I expect?

A. Have a listen to the Radio 4 food programe, they pretty much summed it up.

Q. I’d like to give a booze walk as a gift is this possible?

A. Of course. I can email you a voucher to print off and put into a birthday card. If you don’t have a printer or access to one, I can send you a black and white printed voucher at no extra cost. If you’d like a copy of one of my books to accompany the voucher then let me know and I can arrange to have a signed copy sent to the recipients address.

Q. Can I buy a copy of Booze for Free or Brewing Britain on the walk.

A. Yes, but tell me beforehand. I cycle to the venue and so I’ll need to bring the book(s) with me. I will charge £10 for each book.

Q. What shoes shall I wear?

A. The path is partly unpathed and so if its been raining it will be an idea to wear a good pair of boots. High heels are out, whenever I’ve tried the route in them the heels keep getting caught in the mud.

Q. Will you cancel due to bad weather.

Rain, Rain and more rain

A. Much of the walk is under tree cover, so unless its dangerous to proceed we will carry on regardless of what the weather throws at us. The BBC Food programme actually recorded us in bad weather and it was one of the best walks I’ve done. Just wear a rain coat and bring a brolley.

Q. I’m coming from out of town, can you recomend any good places to stay.

A. The only place I have first hand knowledge of is the Rodney which is a lovely boutique hotel and part of a small chain of Bristol Hotels. You could also try Air B & B for some more interesting options and the cheapest place to stay is the YHA along the harbourside. There are the usual big chain, tiny room, could be anywhere in the world options too if you run out of ideas.

More Wild Booze walks FAQ’s

Q. I’ll allergic to certain foods, do I need to tell you?

A. Yes please. If you are allergic to anything please let me know. Also if you can let me know if you are pregnant too as not all of the drinks will be suitable.

Q. How long will the walk last for.

A. I go at the speed the group dictates and if there are a lot of questions it can take longer. I generally allow for 1.5-2 hours to complete the course.

Brewing Britain - Quest for the perfect pint
Brewing Britain

Q. I understand that you have written some homebrew books, does this mean I can pick your brain about my elderflower champage/sloe gin/beer brewing?

A. Of course. There is a point when turn around and walk back the way we came. This is a good point for anwsering questions. Although, I will be anwsering as many questions as I can on the way too.

Q. Why has Edward Woodward got four D’s in his name?

A. Because if he didn’t he’d be Ewar Woowar.

Q. Can I bring along a child?

A. I sometimes swear and there will be adults drinking. As long as your child is ok in this environment and they stay as your sole responsibity then that is up to you. They will be charged at full adult price and I won’t be able to give them any alcohol.

Q. Can I bring my dog?

A. No. Sorry to sound harsh, but it’s much easier to say no to one dog owner than to ask the rest of the walkers if they are ok with dogs.

Even more Wild Booze walks FAQ’s

Q. Can I have a discount/come along for free?

A. I will give discounts for groups of four or more. I’m afraid in order to keep competative the prices are as low as I can go.

Q. I’ve paid in full and something has come up can I have my money back?

A. I’ve nicked this wording from another foragers site and you know compared to easyjet, its quite fair I think. I have to do this to acknowledge the fact that I might not be able to fill your place again once booked on. I’m a small one man operation.

If the booking is cancelled by you (for any reason) the following cancellation charge will arise: Place or places on a course will be secured only upon advanced payment of their FULL cost. You may cancel up to 1 month before the course date and receive a 75% refund. After that time  any cancellation will, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, result in a complete loss of all deposits. If I cancel a course at any point a full refund will be offered.

You the client acknowledges that you are reasonable for such penalties to arise, given the need for Andy to make preparations for a course substantially in advance of the course.

Any other questions

In the unlikely event that I haven’t replied to a question that you really have to ask before booking you can contact me on the form below.

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