Contact Andy Hamilton

Contact Andy Hamilton
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There are plenty of ways to Contact me, Andy Hamilton  perhaps the best two ways are to or  email me.

For all work related inquiries you can also leave a text or answer phone message on 07879 366006. – I tend to screen my calls so be prepared. I never give out information about where plants might be growing and, as a working Dad I don’t have too much spare time to give out individual brewing tips or advice.  

That said, time and willingness permitting I’m happy to chat collaboration or (for a fee) wild booze or gin consultation for your business or event.  Alas, there isn’t always the time in a day to respond to correspondence but the nicer you are and the more respectful you are of my time the more likely you will get a response.  Due to the nature of my job I can be away from email or the phone for periods of time, if you don’t hear back in a week please do try emailing again.

Want to send Andy Something?

Andy Hamilton
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How to get Andy to chat about his writing career, or about wild booze, gin or beer at your event?

Please do get in touch. I’m always happy to consider paid events. Possibly best to email me.

Were you actually after the Andy Hamilton who wrote Star Witness, appeared on Peppa pig and Have I got News for you?

Or maybe the darts player? Either way, I’m neither of them. I wrote this about being neither of them and the not being another Andy Hamilton too.