Granddad and the time of the great stress

I’ve been writing a little bit of fiction and this is a very little bit, 250 words. A change from my usual posts but at the moment I’m thinking – fuck it, why not. Have a look below this arbitrary picture of the alps for more. Let me know if you like this stuff and I’ll do more of it.

“Don’t forget Granddad lived through the time of great stress”.

“I heard you could fly to anywhere in the world back then”.

“… and I heard that there were these things called supermarkets that sold food from all over the world”.

“You could, you could. But don’t think it was all magical, they thought themselves separate from nature”.

“I don’t understand Mum. What did they think made up their bones, what did they think made the air we breathe”.

The woman looked into the fire, a log was about to roll out and scorched the earth, she rolled it back into place and pondered her son’s question for a moment.

“They stopped listening. They were so loud, so many people were moving about so much that it cut them off from the sound of the earth”.

Eli, the youngest boy, considered his mum for a second, his eyes squinted as he tried to see if she was joking. Humans have always been intelligent aware beings he thought, they wouldn’t be so naive to think they were separate from the sun, the bedrock and everything in between?

His Mum smiled and looked at her beautiful children as she cooked their supper, “Oh they were she said, they were so fucking stupid, your granddad still is. He’d rather chemically sprayed beans from a 100 year old tin that from something fresh from the earth”. At this, they all rolled about with laughter and the forest laughed with them.