Bay and rosemary Ale

This recipe and 100 others can be found in Booze for free by Me (Andy Hamilton).  

Bay and rosemary Ale

Of all the malt extract brews I have made this ale has to be one of the finest. I was asked Bay and rosemary Ale with a gnometo supply a local herbalist with a barrel for the opening party at his shop and the general verdict was that this was made with ginger due to the heat created by the bay. It is said that bay can give a slight narcotic effect and therefore this ale generally helps parties go with a bit of swing.


1kg /2lb of Malt Extract
10 large rosemary sprigs
20 bay leaves
500g /1 lb Sugar
250g Golden Syrup (or honey)
packet Ale yeast
13 litres/3 gallons of water
2 tablespoons of golden syrup for priming


Large saucepan/Cauldron
Fermentation Bin


Bring 7 litres of water to the boil and add the malt extract, then strip the rosemary and bay leaves into the water and keep boiling for 30 mins. Remove from heat and stir in the sugar until fully dissolved.

Strain the liquid into a fermentation bin.

Pour over 6 litres of cold water and ensuring room temperature has been reached,  pitch the yeast. The gravity (if using a hydrometer) should be roughly 1030. Leave for about 4-14 days to ferment.

Syphon into keg or bottles using two tablespoons of golden syrup as a primer or if using bottles then use one teaspoon per bottle. Sugar can also be used. If you can try and leave for at least 2 weeks after bottling.