How to make Lumumba Cocktail

Lumumba Cocktail

sheds in snow
A perfect drink for the cold weather

Lumumba cocktail is the Congo’s alcoholic drinks of choice and it is made with Brandy or Cognac and chocolate milk. It’s drunk hot or cold and it is favoured by some for the milk moustaches that it gives. It is named after the Congolese Politician Patrice Émery Lumumba who after being ousted from power was allegedly killed by a joint plot by UK and USA secret forces – seems a high price to pay in order to get a cocktail named after you.

 Ingredients – For the chocolate milk

1 cup milk
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
1 drop of vanilla essence or leave a vanilla pod to soak in the milk for a few hours (Optional).


If you have a blender then put the cocoa powder into the blender and whizz. If not or you can’t be arsed to get it from the back of the cupboard then a quick 1-minute whisk does the job.  Ensure that there are no little bits of powder clumping together.  You might also want to heat the milk for a few minutes, stirring continuously and avoiding boil over.

The chocolate milk can then be cooled if you wish to drink the cool version, but as I write in the middle of winter in the UK I really wouldn’t bother! If you are feeling lazy and just wish to stir in the cocoa to the milk without heating then be prepared to stir it a lot to avoid the milk and cocoa trying to go their separate ways.

Ingredients For the cocktail

30ml/1 oz Brandy or Cognac
300ml/10 oz chilled Chocolate milk

Stir together and serve.

This cocktail is delicious and reminiscent of a chocolate white Russian. However, when I first made this recipe I notice that a freeloading mate who is rather too much of a fan of my booze had polished off my brandy. I supplemented it with Beech leaf Noyau (recipe in Booze for Free), as this is what I had to hand and it made a phenomenal cocktail. Although, using Brandy or Cognac turns the Lumumba Cocktail into magnificent warming chocolate hug of a drink.

Lumumba Cocktail is my fourth drink in the 12 drinks for Christmas series. The first was Ethiopian T’ej beer, the second was Bastard Chilli vodka and the third was fruit juice wine.