Andy’s Sloe Christmas Cocktail – 12 drinks of Christmas part 6

Andy's sloe Christmas cocktail
Andy’s slow

I’ve been currently reading the brilliant Boozehound by Jason Wilson, it’s a travelogue cocktail book and it is enough to turn the most temperant of people into raging boozehounds. Wilson helps give you a firm basis of how cocktails can be mixed and offers a massive range of his very good cocktails and plenty of other cocktail books to get you started. Having filled my drinks cabinet on Wilson’s recomendations I then had a go at making something for myself that tasted like Christmas and also helped use up my massive reserve of sloe gin  as I made more than enough to keep me going when I was writing Booze for Free. 

Essentially Andy’s Sloe Christmas Cocktail brings together some of the flavours of Christmas that I enjoy the most; the Oude Jenever has whiskey like warming vanilla tones as it has been aged in a barrel for three years and is made with a percentage of malt. This is balanced perfectly with the vermouth botanicals and then lifted by the sloe and the ginger.

I believe that if we are not careful here in the UK that Sloe Gin is in danger of being something that can be rather one dimensional, used only in a few nips now and then. As delicous as it can be, it is is much more in a Cocktail.  “Andy’s Sloe Christmas Cocktail”, helps to transform it into something that could easily be served and enjoyed all night.


30ml/1oz Dolin Vermouth or Homemade vermouth
30ml/1oz Oude Jenever*
30ml/1oz Sloe Gin
100ml Quick and easy African Ginger Beer**
A twist of orange peel (de pithed)

* Don’t use dry gin as a subsitute, perhaps try Old tom or Plymouth
** If you don’t have time to make the ginger beer then some dry ginger ale will do the job


Rub a cocktail glass with the orange peel. Pour the vermouth, oude Jenever and sloe gin over ice in a cocktail shaker and stir rapidly for half a minute.  Top up with the African  ginger beer.  

Andy’s Sloe Christmas Cocktail is my sixth drink in the 12 drinks for Christmas series. The first was Ethiopian T’ej beer, the second was Bastard Chilli vodka , the third was fruit juice wine, fourth was the Lumumba Cocktail and fifth was the Quick and Easy African Ginger beer that is used for a mixer in this recipe.

Please note I am not affliated with any off licence and the above are not paid links. I make my cash from selling books, so feel free to buy Booze for Free or Brewing Britain if you feel  like giving me something back it will give us both a warm glow inside! Happy Christmas.