Elderberry Black and Black

Elderberry Black and Black


There are many cocktails made using Guinness one of the nicest being Black and Black which is made simply by adding a shot of blackcurrant cordial into a pint of Guinness.

As originally the Guinness brewery brewed a porter and not a stout I like to make my variation of Black and Black, an Elderberry Black and Black using a porter instead of Guiness and some elderberry liqueur instead of blackcurrant cordial. One of my favourite porters is made by Anchor brewery and that works very well with elderberries as does Sam Smiths Famous Taddy Porter or for a touch of decidance try and old ale such as Havestions Ola Dubh Special Reserve. To make an Elderberry Black and Black make the drink below and pour a shot of it into a glass full of porter, stout or old ale.

Elderberry Liqueur

A great liqueur on its own, I like to taste my elderberries and have not use much sugar in this recipe. It’s much easier to add sugar than to take it out, so if you do find this drink not to your tastes I’d suggest adding a little more sugar dissolved in 30ml/1 oz of boiling water then cooled.


750ml/1.5 pints of elderberries
750ml/1.5 pints of Vodka
60g/2 oz sugar
The rind of half a lemon

Elderberry black and black
Elderberry black and black (without the black)

Put elderberries into large mason jar and pour all but the last half a fl oz of vodka over them, drink the last half fl oz of vodka and keep the bottle. Add the lemon rind (with as little pith as humanly possible). Seal then shake the jar and put into a dark cupboard for three months.

Pour sugar into the vodka bottle and strain the liquor over the top of it. Shake vigorously and return to the cupboard for at least two months, shaking every time you remember it is there (once a week for the first week then less). After this time it is perfectly drinkable but, if you can manage to restrain yourself, it will improve with age.