Vino Hedgio – Foraged Wine

I’ve had a few email’s about my appearance on The Alan Titchmarsh show on 28th September. They all ask for the Vino Hedgio recipe and as I like to please, here it is. It was the one that Jilly Goolden and Alan really liked.


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Don’t get too het up about what you use in this recipe, if you can’t get all the ingredients. When researching my book (Booze for Free) I made many variations and as long as you use some elderberries and either grapes, raisins or half a cup of tea for the tannin then this wine always yields great results.


1kg Elderberries
300g Sloes
1 bunch grapes
1 orange
1 lemon
1 overripe banana
2 Apples quartered
3.5 litres of water
1.5kg Sugar

Port style wine yeast


Using a fork remove all destalk all the elderberries and place in a freezer overnight with the grapes and sloes. This helps to break down the skins of the fruit allowing for the flavours to be released. Also the night before make a yeast starter by adding the packet to warm water and a teaspoon of sugar

Put the water onto boil. Peel the citrus fruit and banana. Place in a sterilized fermentation bin along with all the thawed fruit and the apples, add sugar. Pour boiling water over, stir until sugar has dissolved. Leave to stand until the water cools. Then add the yeast starter and leave covered with a tea towel for three days.

Strain through a piece of muslin cloth (or an old ironed t-shirt) into a demijohn attaching an airlock with a drop of water in it. After a few days when the fermentation process has calmed down a bit, top up with water that has been boiled then cooled.

Rack after a month then bottle after about three when fully fermented. This wine benefits from at least a year aging if you can wait that long!

Andy Hamilton is a foraging and homebrew expert and the Author of Booze for Free, published by Eden Project Books and priced £9.99.. or cheaper on line…