How to make rhubarb tequila & rhubarb tequila margaritas

Rhubarb margarita held up near a tree
Rhubarb Margarita’s at Dusk

Rhubarb tequila was one of those infusions that I just knew would work before I even tried it. The harsh burn of tequila softened by the sour tang of the rhubarb. When I started to prepare this one I could already taste how it would turn out as the smell of rhubarb filled the room as I chopped. Even though I had to wait a week, the drink did not disappoint at all and it is rapidly becoming my drink of this summer.

As serendipity would further smile on me a friend came round for tea and the conversation moved onto cocktails. She stated that her favourite was a margarita, I stared up at the rhubarb and tequila-filled jar and immediately squeezed a few limes and made her a rhubarb margarita.  We both agreed that this was absolutely sublime, not only because it was only 11 am and that felt rather naughty, but because all of the flavours just simply worked well together.

If there is a drink you are going to make this summer I strongly suggest the rhubarb tequila margarita, even if you don’t like tequila it just works!

How to make rhubarb tequila

Steer clear of the cheapest tequila when making this and keep to tequila Blanco too, anything else and there will be too much going on in your glass.

1 bottle tequila
10 stalks rhubarb  (chopped)


1 Kilner jar

Fill the jar with the rhubarb, pour over the tequila and leave to infuse for one week. All of the rhubarb should be submerged, this avoids spoilage. After a week filter your lovely pink tequila back into the bottle.

How to make a rhubarb tequila margarita

2 parts/60ml/2oz rhubarb tequila
1 part/30ml/1oz lime juice
1 part/30ml/1oz Cointreau

Traditionally a margarita is served with salt stuck to the rim of the glass. However, I didn’t think this needed that extra touch. The salt dries your mouth, completes the drink and helps soften the tequila. With the rhubarb tequila margarita, the rhubarb does this job and thus I don’t see the need to add it. This is, of course, your call and I’d love to hear about your experiments. If you do add salt then rub the rim of the glass with a wedge of lime to wet it and then roll your glass in salt.

Add all of the ingredients to a shaker and shake with ice until cooled. Then strain into a glass.