Wild food and Drink podcast August 2017

Wild food and drink podcast
Wild food and drink podcast

This month’s wild food and drink podcast comes to you from a graveyard next to a building site and the front seat of Liz Knight’s Vauxhall Corsa bombing along the borderlands of England and Wales.  There were not really many recipes that we spoke of as such, but we do talk about blackberries and so here is a recipe that uses these wondrous fruits.

The first half of the podcast has the most welcome return of my good friend Martin, who has been off to the wilds of China. The second half has a fantastic chat with another good friend and someone I secretly admire, the generous and creative excellence of Liz Knight from fine forage foods. Liz is a woman who not only creates amazing foods, but she hosts some amazing wild feasts and cocktail events too.  I talk with here about flavour combinations and how she comes up with them.

Just coming into season this month – Acorns, apples, dandelion and burdock (roots), damsons & sloes, grapes, hawthorn (berries) hazelnuts, Himalayan balsam seeds and flowers, hops, pears, pumpkins, sumac, quince, yarrow.

Blackberry fool

It is not certain where the word fool originates, there is some suggestion that it is a corruption of the French foulé meaning to crush. Yet there is no real basis to this claim and it seems that it may become one of those facts that only become true through repetition.


500g Blackberries

150g Caster Sugar

Juice of Half a Lemon

400ml Double Cream

3 Drops Vanilla Essence


Push the blackberries through a sieve and combine with the sugar in a bowl. Squeeze in the lemon juice. In a separate bowl whisk the double cream until thick, adding the vanilla essence. Fold the contents of the bowls together. Pop in the fridge to chill for an hour or so. Then serve.

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As ever thanks for listening and thanks too to Liz Knight of Fine foraged foods and Martin bailey from Goforaging.co.uk  I’m told that I should ask you all to subscribe too. Not sure how you do it, but do it!

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I’m mentioned on the latest BBC food Programme to download that have a look here. It’s a summer camping special and I talk about how to infuse the campsite.