Wild food and drink podcast September 2017

a posh river
Posh River

September’s wild food and drink podcast takes a slower pace as I learn how to fly fish with John Rensten from Forage London and beyond. I also catch up with my friend Alex Mcnaulty our bear wrestling forager from Canada as he tells us how a group of impoverished First Nation folk has banned together to help save a forest from the loggers.

A few people have been in contact to ask where else this podcast is available and to help you folk out I have registered with just about every podcast subscription service possible. So please subscribe using Apple Itunes, Blubrry or even Ivox or how about Player FM, or even Subscribe Android .

For those who haven’t had enough of my dulcet tones on this podcast why not have a listen to the Camping Special I helped out on for the BBC Food Programme.

If there is anything you want me to cover or if you’d like to comment on how I am doing then please do get in touch. It’s always hard to know what works and what doesn’t without feedback so I’d love to hear from you. Indeed, you might be a forager or work with wild food yourself and if so I’d love to chat to you for the podcast.

Thanks so much for downloading and thanks again to John, Alex and Jane for chatting with me on September’s wild food and drink podcast.