Bastard Chilli Vodka

This is drink 2nd in the 12 drinks of Christmas, part one T’ej beer is here.  I named Bastard Chilli vodka as in reality it is nothing more than a bit of a bastard of a drink and you sort of have to be a bit of one too in order to make it and give it out. I’ve made a version similar to the one below but not quite as strong in chillies, more of a double bastard or at least a Bastard2.

Khrenovukha horseradish vodka

The reason for the name should be self-explanatory, it burns, not only does it burn but it burns intensely!


10-15 Scotch bonnet chillies
Half a horseradish root chopped into chunks


Sealable jar


Wash and thinly slice the chillies and cut the horseradish into chip sized chunks and put them into a jar. Top up with vodka and leave for 10 days. After 10 days strain and serve. I’d suggest serving to someone who irritatingly and doesn’t stop talking as this should shut them up for a bit!