Five Plum Wine recipe

Five Plum Wine

This is an extract from my bestselling home brew book Booze for Free published by Eden Project Books, RRP £9.99 for hardback (but you can often get it much cheaper online).

Over the year different plums will come into season: the first is the cherry plum, followedairlocks on plum wine by cultivated plums, then greengages, damsons, and finally sloes. Using your freezer you can collect a selection of these and make a complex plum wine with an excellent bouquet.

You can mix together whatever plums you have, as long as the weight adds up to 10kg/20lb; they should all spend some time in the freezer to soften. The following recipe makes 20 litres/4.5 gallons of wine; to make a smaller batch simply divide all the ingredient quantities by your desired factor.

Plum wine Ingredients

500g/1lb greengages
2kg/4lb cherry plums
1.5kg/3lb sloes
6kg/12lb damsons
2 ripe bananas
250g/0.5lb raisins
250ml/half a pint of grape concentrate
20 litres/35 pints of water
6kg/12lb sugar
5 tsp pectolase
5 tsp yeast nutrient
all-purpose wine yeast

Equipment needed for making plum wine

large saucepan/cauldron
fermentation bin
large demijohn or 5 smaller ones
airlock(s) and bung(s)
large fruit wine funnel

Plum Wine Method

Freeze all the plums and allow to thaw. Peel the bananas. Boil half of the water and stir in the sugar. Add all the ingredients to the fermentation bin and leave for ten days in a warm place, occasionally returning to mash the fruit with a sterilized masher.

After those ten days, strain into a series of demijohns or one big one. Attach airlock and rack after a month. Allow to ferment out, racking on occasion if required. Age for at least three months, longer if you can. Plum wine can get a bit hazy but if you try not siphon all the sediment when siphoning you should avoid the worst of the haze.