Urban foraging for wild food

Elderflower spray
Elderflower an urban delight

I’ve been foraging in Bristol since around 2006 when I first arrived in the city. Over that time I have searched almost every green corner for wild food and drink ingredients; further educating myself with each trip across the city.

In 2006 I was earning a massive £50 a month in revenue from my first website. These were hard times, my brother whom also lived with us at the time wasn’t working much either, so my partners low wage had to feed us all. Foraging actually became a necessity for us and we’d often head off on our bikes on missions to supplement our diet. They were hard but fun times that I look back upon fondly.

To find out more about urban foraging and even for some of my secret foraging locations in Bristol then read on.   – This post has been updated, split in two and added to. It’s not the same post at all anymore you wouldn’t recognise it – you’d think instead it was all grown up. Please visit thewildgentleman for dedicated foraging fun.